FFE: Specialists
in fire detection

FFE is a global innovator in the design and the manufacture of world class fire detection solutions. Trusted by installers, distributors and organisations for over 40 years, our Talentum?, Fireray?, Aviation Fire Extinguishers and Vibration Switches help to protect high value buildings and assets. Our commitment to fire detection and prevention led to the development of the world’s leading smoke detection beam, Fireray? the favoured choice of many of the world’s leading smoke detection distributors and installers. Our Talentum? range was developed to provide early detection for industries where fast flame detection is critical.

Our solutions are designed and manufactured in the UK and our customers?are fully supported by our team of fire protection experts. We provide consultancy, training and full technical support, so that you always have peace of mind in knowing that your assets are given the best possible protection from fire.

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